New Arrivals!

Phys Ed.

We teamed up with E/NG CLUB to develop a program to educate kids on the importance of being physically active and how to do so while having fun!

Photos by Ja Tecson

We invited close friends and family for our first Phys Ed session. The kids checked in and suited up ready for some fun!

Our coaches got the group excited and ready to go. The kids got loose with some fun warmups.

The kids then broke out into groups competing in some call and response games. Parents joined in on the fun as well!

Things started to heat up with some fun scooting races!

The kids had fun and worked up a sweat! We concluded the session with snacks and refreshments!

Overall, the event was a success! We plan to build on this program and to continue doing more Phys Ed events and to continue keeping the youth active while having fun and socializing. We also received donations from parents which we donated to the Los Angeles Boys & Girls Clubs. 

We would like to give a special thanks to Nike Los Angeles and Jason Markk for providing gear and goodies to all the kids in attendance! 

Stay tuned for information on future events!




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